As Getir, we always consider providing a transparent and fast flow of information as the right way. In this challenging period, we take care to protect the health and safety of our users and employees at the maximum level. We work with all our strength, especially our friends in the field, to meet the needs of our people.


In line with our transparency principle that we have adopted as a company, we would like to share with you the procedures we have created with the guidance of the Local Health Authority regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. These procedures will be applied if a COVID-19 positive is detected in a friend working in the Getir distribution network:

  1. The relevant warehouse, vehicles, engines and safety equipment connected to this warehouse are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a professional company in accordance with the rules.
  2. All unpackaged products are destroyed.
  3. During all this time, Getir monitors the health of all teammates meticulously and regularly gets information about their status.
  4. Health checks and the care of our colleague are closely monitored.
  5. Local Health Authority is informed and any additional information they request will be shared with them.
  6. If deemed necessary, in line with the guidance coming from the Local Health Authority, the relevant warehouse is closed and necessary measures are taken for all our colleagues, and the determined procedures are applied in full.
  7. Employees sent to their homes isolate themselves and considered on paid-leave during this time.

However, contactless delivery is at the top of the measures we take. Since March 23rd, 2020, we are delivering the needs of our users with the "Leave Order at the Door" method, preventing contact with our customers. If you have any questions regarding our processes, please contact us. We will continue to announce developments about COVID-19 here. 


April 15th, 2020