Getir accredited as a Living Wage Employer

The Real Living Wage Foundation recognises Getir for promoting such an important issue


Today, Getir - the pioneer of ultrafast grocery delivery - has been announced as an accredited Living Wage employer, certified by The Real Living Wage Foundation. This accolade recognises Getir as a company that pays its employees at least the real living wage.


Since launching in the UK in January 2021, Getir has set out to become the best employer in the sector.  All employees receive pensions, sick pay, paid holidays and insurance, as well as being provided with e-bikes and e-scooters (electric mopeds) and all PPE, including protective clothes for all seasons.  Every Getir store also has a rest room for all employees with free refreshments, so that they can shelter from the weather when not delivering groceries.


Getir currently operates in 15 cities and towns with over 2,500 employees, and with ambitious plans to expand further afield in the UK.  


Getir is actively seeking to employ even more star talent to join the unicorn company that is valued at US$7.5 billion and is investing £100 million into the UK in the coming months and years.

Turancan Salur, Getir General Manager in the UK, stated: "At Getir, we pride ourselves on being a great employer. Some of our couriers have been promoted two or three times in only a matter of months as we are a business that rewards hard work and a willingness to succeed.  These promotions have not just been in the UK as some people have been promoted to one of the nine countries that we now operate in. In addition to paying all of our colleagues at least the real living wage, with the opportunity to earn more through bonuses, we provide pensions, sick pay, paid leave, insurance and all PPE and electric delivery vehicles. It is only right and fair that we do this as our workforce is the most important part of our business and we fully support the Real Living Wage Foundation for promoting such an important issue”.