Getir – pioneers of the sustainable and superfast grocery sector, to invest £100 million in the UK

Since launching in London in January 2021, Getir, pioneers of sustainable grocery deliveries in around 10 minutes, has become a major investor in the UK. It has plans to invest around £100 million in the UK in a nationwide network of local stores that will create up to 10,000 new and permanent jobs. All deliveries are made using only electric bikes and mopeds.

In only 10 months, Getir has: 

  • Created possibly the largest e-bike and e-moped fleet in the UK with almost 1,000 vehicles.
  • Covered 3.4 million miles on e-bikes and e-mopeds across 9 major UK cities (mostly in London). If we estimate that a third of these trips replaced customers walking to a local shop or using public transport, this has taken over 2 million miles of petrol and diesel trips off UK city roads - making them safer, quieter and less polluted.
  • Created over 2,000 permanent jobs, which will increase to more than 3,000 by the end of 2021 and an estimated 10,000 jobs by the end of 2022. All jobs are paid above the living wage and provide colleagues with pensions, paid annual leave and sick pay.
  • Opened 75 gstores across 9 UK cities to provide local jobs, local deliveries and the ability to support local producers as well as big brand names. Getir will be in at least 15 UK cities by Christmas 2021.

Turancan Salur, General Manager for the UK, stated 'We are committed to serving our growing number of customers in the best way possible, making a positive contribution to local economies and acting as a custodian for the environment within which we operate.

"Our UK business model is the delivery of groceries from our local stores using a 100% e-vehicle fleet. We are removing the need for millions of miles of petrol and diesel car journeys to be made every year and making our city roads safer, quieter and cleaner - at the same time as giving our customers a service that gives them great products and saves them huge amounts of valuable time.

"We already deliver groceries, household goods and some medicinal products, but Getir aims to find ways of delivering other everyday items that will take even more petrol and diesel trips off the UK's busy roads. We are here to show the world that our sustainable on-demand business can make a real difference to the communities we serve in the UK at an incredibly fast rate - as well as giving customers great value for money. We are here to prove that companies can be keen, clean and green - let the last mile be electric!"