Getir offers free milk as inflation makes it more expensive than petrol

How to get FREE milk as inflation makes it more expensive than petrol


Shoppers face spending more on pints of milk than petrol at several UK supermarkets as falling fuel prices and the soaring cost of milk means some retailers are now charging more per litre for the drink.


Milk prices have soared by two-thirds in the past year, pushing up the average price per pint to 86p - the equivalent of £1.50 a litre. Smaller branches of the bigger retailers are selling single pints for as much as £1.05, a fraction under £1.85 a litre. By contrast, petrol prices have fallen from a high of 191p a litre to around 149p at the pump in some areas. 


In the wake of this news and spiralling supermarket prices that are shocking shoppers, leading ultrafast grocery delivery service Getir are currently giving away free milk nationwide to ensure people are getting the essentials they need, when they need them amid the cost of living crisis. 


In supermarkets, it is cheaper to buy milk in bigger quantities, but it may not be practical for those living alone, the elderly and those who do not use a lot of milk as the product can go off if bought in bulk.


Shoppers can go on Getir, avoid the hassle and get a free bottle of any type of milk delivered straight to your door within minutes when you spend a minimum of £20. The offer is available while stocks last, so you better be quick! 


The offer works with all milk products available on their app and include some of the nation’s favourite:  

  • Cravendale Whole MIlk (2L)
  • Oatly Oat Drink Barista Edition Long Life (1L)
  • Cravendale Semi Skimmed Milk (1L)

Getir currently delivers in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Southampton, Sheffield, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Bradford, Leeds, Cambridge, and Leicester! Unsure if they deliver to your address? Just download the app and add your location to find out.


Getir UK says, “We at Getir have an ongoing commitment to give our customers value up and down the country. Amid spiralling supermarket prices and the news of the latest milk inflation, we want to ensure people get the essentials they need, when they need them”.