Getir responds to highest ever grocery inflation with up to 50% off of hundreds of luxury and essential items

Getir responds to highest ever grocery inflation with up to 50% off of hundreds of luxury and essential items 

As grocery inflation hits a record 17.1%, Getir, the pioneer of ultrafast grocery delivery, is responding with the launch of their ‘Purple Perks’ initiative - a month of slashed prices on hundreds of essential items as well as life’s little luxuries - enabling consumers to enjoy both amid spiraling supermarket costs. 

Getir’s Purple Perks initiative follows grocery inflation hitting record heights in February 2023 - currently standing at 17.1% and adding over £800 to the typical annual shopping bill.* 

With two thirds of Brits cutting back on non-essentials, grocery hero Getir understands the struggles consumers are currently facing, and in their Purple Perks initiative, they are on a mission to ensure life’s little luxuries are still attainable, as well as key essentials. 


What is being reduced? 

From cupboard and grocery essentials such as eggs and pasta, to cleaning and baby products like nappies that have seen a 30% price hike this year, Getir are cutting prices by up to 50% on hundreds of essentials items that are being hit by inflation. 

In addition to this, non-essential items such as luxury alcohol, sweets, treats and even gourmet pet food are also being reduced by up to 50%, with spirits being discounted by up to 30%* 

There are over 500 items being reduced. Shoppers can go on to the ‘Purple Perks’ tile on the Getir app to explore and shop all of these products at reduced prices. Those marked with a celebratory purple dot indicate that they are part of the initiative and can be bagged with amazing savings.

Throughout the month of March, new products will be added to the Purple Perks initiative so that each time you shop, you can get more savings on the things you need.


Ordered and delivered on the app within minutes, it’s not only the savings that shoppers can bag, but also the speed and convenience of skipping out on the supermarket chaos and having them dropped off to your doorstep. 


Christopher Chaaya, General Manager at Getir UK, said, ‘’We’re striving to help people across the country and the Purple Perks initiative is designed to help consumers through the cost of living crisis. Reducing prices by up to 50% on hundreds of both essential and non-essential items.  Our goal is to bring some joy back into grocery shopping, so people can get what they want as well as what they need without the pressures of inflation.’’


*Tobacco is not included in promotion.