Belvita Soft Bake Biscuits Choc Chip

(£1.40/100 g)5 x 50 g
Belvita Soft Bake Biscuits Choc Chip
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Energy for the Whole Morning(1)
At belVita, we bake delicious biscuits respecting what nature gives us: the natural strength of 5 wholegrains. belVita Soft Bakes are gently baked to preserve the nutritional qualities inside and provide slow release carbohydrates through your morning.
This is why belVita is a convenient and nutritious choice for your mornings.
(1)belvita Soft Bakes have a high content of slowly digestible starch, which is a slow release carbohydrate. Consumption of foods high in slowly digestible starch raises blood glucose concentration less after a meal compared to foods low in slowly digestible starch.

No colours or preservatives, Source of fibre, Source of Calcium, Magnesium and Iron, Suitable for vegetarians

Enjoy a balanced breakfast with belVita with 1 Soft Bake, a plain dairy product, a fruit and a tea or a coffee.