Carex Antibacterial Hand Wash Original Liquid Soap

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Carex Antibacterial Hand Wash Original Liquid Soap
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Washing your hands with Carex is one of the easiest ways to help protect yourself and others from illnesses. Our range of antibacterial liquid hand wash is created from a trusted and expertly made formulation which cleans and cares for your skin. This Carex original hand wash kills 99.9% of bacteria. The liquid hand soap protects your skin's' natural antibacterial defences for 2 hours after washing. This Original hand soap gently cleanses skin whilst removing dirt and germs, making it suitable for the whole family. Our hand wash is vegan and dermatologically tested . You can now do your bit for the planet by reusing your pump and bottle from your Carex hand wash. Carex antibacterial hand wash is also available in Aloe Vera, Sensitive and Moisturising formulations. Always practice good hand hygiene.

Hand wash: antibacterial original hand wash - 2 hr protection cleans, cares & protects hands, helping leave them soft & smooth

Two hour protection: always practice good hand hygiene with this liquid hand soap, it protects your skin's natural antibacterial defences for to two hours after washing

Antibacterial hand wash: carex experts developed this hand soap to kill 99.9% of bacteria. The formulation protects skin's natural antibacterial defences for up to 2 hours after washing

Dermatologically tested: our hand wash is vegan & dermatologically tested

Suitable for the whole family: this original hand wash gently cleanses skin whilst removing dirt & germs

2h Protection* every time you wash
Protects 2h
2 Hour protection* supporting skin's natural pH
*Protects the skin's natural antibacterial defences 2 hours after washing. Always practice good hand hygiene

Removes dirt and germs for hygienically clean hands

rmatologically tested
Keeps hands healthy and contains natural moisturisers

10,000 Uses with every pump**
**Pump tested up to 10,000 times

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom