Colman's Original English Mustard Jar

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Colman's Original English Mustard Jar
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Colman's Original English Mustard is a deliciously spicy classic with over 200 years of tradition, started way back in 1814 by Jeremiah Colman. Passionate about good food and strong flavour, Colman's continues to commit to using great quality ingredients to enhance the taste of your dish. Colman’s Original English Mustard is a spicy mustard that will add a big, bold flavour to your favourite dishes. Thanks to our commitment to local produce, it's made with Norfolk-grown mustard seeds because local tastes better. With double-milled, superfine mustard powder, it's the perfect condiment for your roast beef or ham sandwiches and makes for an excellent punch of flavour in many recipes. Use it to spruce up a simple mashed potato or prepare a honey mustard sauce to add the perfect finishing touch to your favourite green salad and other side dishes. Keep a jar of Colman’s English Mustard on hand to transform your everyday meals from simple to spectacular. If you love our English mustard, why not try the rest of our range, including Colman’s Mint Sauce, which will add a zing to your roast lamb, or Colman’s Horseradish Sauce, the perfect complement to your roast beef dinner, plus many more. At Colman’s, we believe you deserve the very best. That’s why we select quality ingredients for all our recipes, which are seasonally harvested by British farmers to deliver great-tasting family favourites. Head to our website for more exciting recipe inspiration across our full dressings and recipe mixes range. You can also have a look at our broad Colman’s product range, where you can find tasty recipe ideas for mid-week meals, decadent roast dinners, simple sandwiches and much more!

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom