Dell’Ugo Pinsa Truffle

(£1.82/100 g)220 g
Dell’Ugo Pinsa Truffle
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A 72-hour sourdough bread with extra-virgin olive oil, hand-stretched and baked on Italian marble, paired with an earthy truffle butter

What is pinsa?
Pinsa is an ancient Roman bread made with 00 wheat flour, semolina and sourdough with a long leavening process which creates a light fluffy bread. Hand-stretched from a 72-hour sourdough, kneaded with extra virgin olive oil and baked on traditional Italian marble, pinsa has a lovely crispy texture yet is incredibly soft inside.
It is endlessly versatile, perfect with savoury or sweet toppings with unlimited flavour combinations.

Pinsa bread is endlessly versatile.
The classic one, The decadent one, The Italian one, The sweet one

Country Of Origin: Italy