Duracell Specialty 2032 Lithium Coin Batteries

(£2.75/piece)2 per pack
Duracell Specialty 2032 Lithium Coin Batteries
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Duracell CR2032 lithium coin batteries have +70% extra life* for your specialty devices. Duracell is the Number 1 battery brand in child security features** thanks to the bitter taste ring on the cell and baby secure packaging with a double blister that is difficult to open without scissors. These CR2032 lithium coin batteries are recommended for use in Apple AirTag® and suitable for use in key fobs, home devices like small remotes, fitness accessories and other wearables, medical accessories (glucometers, digital thermometers), scales, sensors, sports devices (heart rate monitors, bike accessories). Lastly, with up to 10 years in-storage guarantee, you can be confident they will be ready when you need them. *vs minimum average duration Electronic Key IEC standard test for 2032 Lithium Coin. Results may vary by device and usage patterns. **Duracell 2032, 2025 and 2016 batteries have double secure system: double blister secure pack and bitter taste to help discourage accidental ingestion by children Safety Warning Caution: battery can explode or leak if heated, disassembled, shorted, recharged, exposed to high temperature or inserted incorrectly. Do not mix used and new batteries, different brands or types. Keep away from children. Do not swallow. If swallowed, seek medical advice at once.

Country Of Origin: Indonesia