Elastoplast Fabric Water Proof

(£0.13/piece)18 per pack
Elastoplast Fabric Water Proof
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Elastoplast Waterproof Fabric Plaster Strips – Quick-drying waterproof plasters

Elastoplast Water Resistant 18s provide cover and protection of minor, everyday wounds such as scratches, cuts and grazes. The box contains 18 adult's/ kid's plasters that repel water and dirt. This all-purpose, plastic plaster with its strong adhesion, is breathable and has a non-stick wound pad. Elastoplast: The brand of trust. Trust the experts: Through research and innovation, Elastoplast brings you innovative products to deal with the small inconveniences in life. Can be used as blister plasters for feet or hands, or various other wounds and scratches.

Application information: Clean wound and gently dry skin. Apply without stretching. Use only once.

Box contains: 10 x Elastoplast Waterproof Fabric Plasters 18 Strips

Product benefits:

Waterproof technology
flexible fabric
Breathable membrane
Strong adhesion

Country Of Origin: Spain