Goodfella's Takeaway The Big Cheese Pizza

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Goodfella's Takeaway The Big Cheese Pizza
Goodfella's Takeaway The Big Cheese Pizza
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Introducing The Big Cheese Pizza - a takeaway classic that's all you could ever need. Packed with zesty, stretchy goodness, this three cheese pizza is hard to beat.

Goodfella's Cheese Pizza is stone baked for the perfect base, then topped with tomato sauce, and loaded with mouth-watering mozzarella, cheddar and red cheddar cheese.

Our takeaway pizzas are frozen quickly after baking to lock in the goodness. Simply put this frozen pizza in the oven and wait for a simple, easy dinner option the family will be excited for. More cheese? Yes please!

Welcome to the Neighbourhood
Here at Goodfella's we are passionate about pizza, from the dough that has been rested, then baked on Italian stone for a crispy base to our signature tomato sauces.
Our pizzas are immediately frozen to lock in that great taste.This delicious Takeaway Cheese Pizza is no exception! Italian American style pizza from the Goodfella's family.