Gu Plant Zillionaire Cheesecakes

(£2.19/100 g)2 x 91.5 g
Gu Plant Zillionaire Cheesecakes
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Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Gü Plant Zillionaire Cheesecake Dessert

This Gü is nothing but plants.
No dairy. No gluten.
No less indulgent.

Crunchy bronzed sugar, over smooth, plant-based chocolate ganache.
A layer of coconut cream cheese,
floating on coconut cream caramel,
draped over a gluten free cocoa biscuit base.
All those textures and tastes.
All on one spoon.

This is Mother Nature’s favourite Gü.
100% plant-based.
100% recyclable (and infinitely reusable) packaging.

More indulgence. More often. @Gudesserts.