Phizz Apple & Blackcurrant Multivitamin & Hydration Effervescent

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Phizz Apple & Blackcurrant Multivitamin & Hydration Effervescent
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Preparation & Use
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3-in-1 Hydration, Electrolytes and Vitamins Tablets

Phizz contains 18 essential ingredients, scientifically formulated for daily wellbeing, exercise and travel for everyday use.

Phizz is your everyday life armour.

How To Use:
Dissolve one tablet in a glass or bottle of water (we like it chilled!). Once prepared, consume within 24 hours.

How does Phizz work?
1. Hydration Formula. Phizz is a water multiplier, helping your body hydrate 3x faster than drinking water alone.
2. Electrolyte Replenishment. Phizz contains the 4 key electrolytes lost through sweat. Needed to support nerve and immune system function & prevent cramping and muscle fatigue.
3. High Dose Multivitamin. Phizz offers 18 essential vitamins & minerals for natural energy, reduction in fatigue, normal functioning of the immune system, mental performance and to repair cellular damage.

Informed sport approved, No caffeine, No aspartame, Made with stevia, Dairy, soy and gluten free, No artificial colours & flavours, Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Halal.

Play, Travel, Work, 3-in-1 hydration, vitamins + electrolytes, 18 essential ingredients to support daily hydration & wellbeing, Scientifically formulated for exercise, travel & big nights out. Contains 20 servings. Suitable for vegans.
Country Of Origin: Germany