Pledge Wood Cleaner

(£1.08/100 ml)250 ml
Pledge Wood Cleaner
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Pledge Expert Care Aerosol gives a shine and protects surfaces at the same time. With
this furniture polish for wood you can remove fingerprints, smudges, streaks and more in
seconds, while providing a protective and glossy coating. That means you can be
assured that your delicate and valuable surfaces will shine and remain intact. Pledge
furniture polish spray polishes your wood surfaces, enhancing furniture by adding both a
beautiful shine and protection, while providing a refreshing Classic Pledge scent. It's also
great for shining up other finished, sealed surfaces, including wood, leather, granite,
stainless steel, laminate and quartz. The easy to use wood polish spray makes getting
the protection and shine you want simple. With its expertise, Pledge has been taking
care of and protecting wood for decades, so you can rely on it for those special,
expensive or delicate surfaces. It protects them, while also cleaning them and enhancing
their beauty and finish. With Pledge Expert Care, you can enjoy a home that gleams with

Country Of Origin: Netherlands