Remeo Alphonso Mango Sorbet Lolly

(£1.79/100 g)210 g
Remeo Alphonso Mango Sorbet Lolly
Ingredients & Allergens
Preparation & Use
Disclaimer / Additional Info
This is Not a Fruit Lolly
It is a Sorbetto. Our Sorbetto is crafted in Italy with 100% natural ingredients and total absence of artificial additives to uplift your mood, make your taste buds happy and never make your stomach cry.

Our Mangoes are sourced in India and selected carefully from the Alphonso variety, considered to be the sweetest and most flavourful. Because 60% of your Sorbetto is made of its delicious purée, the strong yet delicate Mango flavour will immediately fill your senses. With a hint of lemon juice, this is perfect as a refreshing treat for the summer or as a dessert after dinner - "digestivo" as we say in Italian.

100% Vegan
Sorbetti are naturally dairy-free and vegan friendly. No animal products.
No animal testing. No animal GMO's

Same flavour experience as our Sorbetti in a jar!

Smoother Texture
High percentage of fruit means a smoother texture

Country Of Origin: Italy