Tampax Pearl Super Applicator Tampons

(£0.24/piece)18 per pack
Tampax Pearl Super Applicator Tampons
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Tampax Pearl Super tampons help stop leaks before they happen for medium to heavy flow days during your period. They are free from fragrances. These tampons feature a SmoothTouch plastic applicator and contoured anti-slip grip for comfortable, easy insertion. Tampax Pearl’s MotionFit allows the tampon to gently expand to fit to your body’s shape and, together with the LeakGuard braid, helps prevent leaks. With a purse resistant wrapper that is easy to open and quiet, Tampax Pearl allows for full discretion. Tampax Pearl tampons have been gynaecologically tested. They have also been independently tested for harmful substances by Oeko-Tex. 5x Smoother Applicator: Tampax Pearl vs. Tampax Cardboard. Tampax Pearl’s best tampon for medium to heavy flow absorbency. For more information about Tampax' products please visit Tampax' website.

Country Of Origin: Hungary