Twinings Cranberry Raspberry Tea

(£0.13/piece)20 per pack
Twinings Cranberry Raspberry Tea
Ingredients & Allergens
Preparation & Use
Disclaimer / Additional Info
All natural ingredients*
*All our herbs are gently steamed, the process is gentle to protect their delicate taste.

Bunches of balloons gathered together tightly, bright colours illuminated in the sunshine. Hold onto the string and transport yourself into a day where the sounds are louder, colours brighter and dreams bigger.

What does it taste like?
The deep-red colour and zing of cranberries help to make this infusion crisp and refreshing, while the raspberry notes bring a touch of sweetness to this mouth-watering blend.

Sealed for freshness
Naturally caffeine free
4 Calories per cup
Sugar free

Country of Origin: Blended and packed in Hampshire