Twister Zinger

(£4.14/100 ml)70 ml
Twister Zinger
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Wall's Twister Fruit Zingerrr Ice Lolly makes for a delicious, quick frozen dessert – a modern take on the classic Twister ice lolly, twisted even further! Chill out any time with the tangy apple, sour lemon and sweet blueberry fruit ice blend with a flavour like no other.

Each lolly contains just 65 kcal and is made with natural flavours and fruit* with a gluten-free recipe. The perfect ice lolly for an after-school snack or during a hot summer's day. As part of our Responsibly Made for Kids promise, our Twister ice lollies are designed to be fun and tasty treats, whilst meeting our nutritional criteria for children’s ice cream. We have set strict nutrition criteria for all of our kids' ice creams to reassure parents that our entire kids' range will contain no more than 110 calories, a maximum of 12 grams of sugar and 3 grams of saturated fat per portion and we are continuously working to further improve this. If you want to find out more information on Wall's commitment to nutrition, just head on over to our website. Twister is part of the Wall's family along with Mini Milk, Calippo, Cornetto, and Solero.

*Fruit from purees and fruit juices from concentrate