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Privacy Statement on Customer Personal Data

As Getir Perakende Lojistik A.Ş. (“Getir”), we process your personal data as the data controller. We have prepared this statement to inform you about issues related to processing of your personal data.For detailed information about how we protect your personal data and the rules we comply with when processing personal data, we also recommend you to review “For all your questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you may contact us at

What Are My Personal Data That Getir Processes?

Your personal data we process are as follows:
Identity &ContactName-surname, customer ID, advertisement ID, gender, age, profile picture, phone number, e-mail, address
FinanceInformation regarding payments and payment methods
Customer TransactionShopping/order history, order information, number of orders, application usage information, invoice information, request/complaint information, comment, rating and review information
LocationYour location information
Transaction SecurityDevice operating system and version, device type, device ID, hardware model, IP address, user transaction records, password information
In addition to this information, we process your personal data regarding your preferences, likes, interests and usage habits and your information obtained as a result of the analysis of your data mentioned above (for example, the restaurants you order the most).We also process your personal data using cookies to improve your experience on our website. For detailed information about cookies, please review . We also process your personal data using cookies to improve your experience on our website. For detailed information about cookies, please review

What Methods Are Conducted to Collect My Personal Data?

We collect your personal data by automatic and partially automatic methods via our website.

For What Purposes Is My Personal Data Processed?

As Getir, we process your personal data within the country or outside the country for the following purposes:
  1. To conduct the signing up process in order to benefit from our services,
  2. To communicate with our customers and manage relationships with our customers,
  3. To conduct the processes of receiving orders, payments and delivering orders,
  4. To offer the most suitable product options for your preferences, likes, interests, usage habits, and location; for GetirFood users, to provide you with restaurant options that serve in your location; to inform you about the most suitable products and opportunities,
  5. To conduct communication between Getir couriers, GetirFood restaurants and customers (your contact information is not shared with Getir couriers),
  6. To perform analysis for improving our products and services,
  7. To conduct activities for customer satisfaction,
  8. To introduce the products and services offered by Getir; to conduct marketing activities,
  9. To receive and evaluate feedback on the improvement of our products/services,
  10. To follow up and conclude requests/complaints,
  11. To conduct our activities in accordance with the legislation,
  12. Review and audit of our business activities,
  13. To prevent and detect security concerns, fraud and abuse of promos/discounts,
  14. To conduct financial and accounting affairs related to payments.

What are the Legal Grounds that Getir is Based on When Processing My Personal Data?

We process your personal data based on the legal grounds stated in the Article 5 of . Your personal data is processed based on the below legal grounds:
Legal Grounds Based Sample Process of Personal Data Processing Processed Personal Data During the Process
Personal data processing is necessary for the establishment or performance of a contract signed between you and Getir.Receiving payment for the products you ordered to be delivered to your address, confirming the order and delivering your product. Name-surname, address, order and payment information.
Processing personal data for the establishment, execution or protection of a right.Receiving and finalizing your requests/complaints that you entered in the courier evaluation area upon delivery of your product. Name-surname, customer ID, request/complaint information.
Processing personal data to fulfill our legal obligations.Issuance of invoices for your order. Name-surname, address, invoice information.
Personal data processing is mandatory for our legitimate interests.Offering you the most suitable restaurants options and campaigns for your preferences and interests. Customer ID, preferences and interests related to products.
The data subject consents to the processing of location data.By matching the address and location, presenting the restaurant options near your location. Name-surname, location information.

Under Which Conditions Is My Personal Data Transferred to Third Parties?

Your personal data is shared with the following parties -within the country or outside the country-, for the following purposes:
Getir Distributors, Couriers and GetirFood RestaurantsConducting communication between distributors, couriers, restaurants and customers, conducting customer order transactions, informing the couriers about the address to which the order will be delivered.
Business Partners & SuppliersGetting support from suppliers related to the products and services offered by Getir to its customers, conducting financial and accounting processes, managing business partner and supplier relations.
Authorized Persons, Institutions or OrganizationsProviding information to authorized persons, institutions, or organizations, fulfilling our legal obligations, conducting legal processes and conducting our activities in accordance with the legislation.
Please note that your comments and ratings may be published if deemed appropriate in accordance with our . Within the scope of your comments, we would like to express that your identity or contact information will not be published to protect your privacy.

How Can I Use My Rights Regarding My Personal Data?

Article 11 of regulates the rights of the data subjects (natural persons whose personal data are processed). You may use the following methods to exercise your rights specified in this Article and submit your requests to Getir:
  1. You may use the methods specified in Data Subject Rights - Application Form at or on the mobile application.
  2. You may send your requests in written to Etiler Mah. Tanburi Ali Efendi Sok. Maya Residences Sit. T Blok No:13/334 Beşiktaş/İstanbul.
  3. You may use the other methods stated in .
Last Update Date: 04/06/2021